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Vatican Intervention
Based on the Published Amazon Book by Andrew Lee Sullivan.
Mersey Mystery Series
A skeleton and a missing woman. A mystery spanning two generations.
Skullenia Series
Based on the popular Tony Lewis novels and original characters
The Blue Monkey
At the end of WW II, a chance meeting with a beautiful, mysterious female Archeologist sweet talks two hotshot B-17 pilots into helping her locate a lost treasure protected by a bizarre, curse-ridden idol called The Blue Monkey.
Pulp Chicken
Imposter chickens turned private detectives trying to find a missing frozen food magnate
Escape from Paradise
John and May Chu Harding Novel and Script
The Devil Called Collect - The Exorcism of Jessica Leek
A J. Stephen Conn Novel and Screenplay Adaptation by Brian L. Porter
A STUDY IN RED TRILOGY: Part 1 - A Study in Red: The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper Part 2 - Legacy of the Ripper Part 3 - Requiem for the Ripper
Winner of the Preditors & Editors "Best Author Award" for books published and the Covey Trailer Awards in 2009
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