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Vatican Intervention
Based on the Published Amazon Book by Andrew Lee Sullivan.
Mersey Mystery Series
A skeleton and a missing woman. A mystery spanning two generations.
Skullenia Series
Based on the popular Tony Lewis novels and original characters
The Blue Monkey
At the end of WW II, a chance meeting with a beautiful, mysterious female Archeologist sweet talks two hotshot B-17 pilots into helping her locate a lost treasure protected by a bizarre, curse-ridden idol called The Blue Monkey.
Pulp Chicken
Imposter chickens turned private detectives trying to find a missing frozen food magnate
Philip Mazzei: Pioneer of the New World
The true story of an Italian pioneer, Philip Mazzei, who helped shape the foundation of the Thirteen Colonies and Declaration of Independence. Mazzie called among his closest friends, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.
Escape from Paradise
John and May Chu Harding Novel and Script
The Devil Called Collect - The Exorcism of Jessica Leek
A J. Stephen Conn Novel and Screenplay Adaptation by Brian L. Porter
A STUDY IN RED TRILOGY: Part 1 - A Study in Red: The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper Part 2 - Legacy of the Ripper Part 3 - Requiem for the Ripper
Winner of the Preditors & Editors "Best Author Award" for books published and the Covey Trailer Awards in 2009
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