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Escape from Paradise
Escape from Paradise
Was the #1 best seller on Amazon for six years in Singapore, where it was rumored by the malicious actions of Helen Yeo and Yeo Cheow Tong to have been banned, but the Media Development Authority confirms no actions were ever presented or submitted to them as required by law.

This compelling story is based on May Chu, a woman who escaped from an arranged marriage in Singapore. She comes from the flamboyant Tiger Balm family; her wealthy husband from Brunei with CIA connections.

The difficulties May Chu encountered with corrupt lawyers and judges in Singapore made her divorce extremely difficult. This was further complicated by the wealth of her ex-husband, the owner of X10, the company behind those bothersome pop-up ads on the Internet.

The adventure takes place in Singapore, Brunei, Australia, England, and the United States, and touches on some powerful people in Singapore, as well as CIA agent Dan Arnold, and the United Kingdom's former Lord Chancellor Alexander Irvine.
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Short film produced and released in 2016.

Script complete and packaging for 2019.

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