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Skullenia Series
Skullenia Series
Skullenia is a small town located both somewhere and nowhere that can't be found on any map. It is somewhat off the beaten track, very difficult to access and has a very strange and diverse population. Whilst there are some humans that live there, namely Professor Rufus Barber Crumble, Mrs. Strudel the cafe owner and the local policeman Constable Gullett, the majority of the residents are either dead, undead or somewhere in between.

The main characters include Ollie Splint, a half human, half vampire who has been forced to move there and take over his uncle's failing detective business. Ollie is not thrilled at the idea but has to go through with it as it was stated in his uncle's will that he should. He isn't that pleased to be a member of the undead community and at the top of the list of things that he despises is blood. Ollie hates the stuff and is dismayed that he has to have a pint of it twice a day.

Stitches is a zombie and is part of Ollie's inherited workforce. He's a two hundred year old zombie who is so old and decrepit that parts of him keep falling off and need to be reattached. He is a ready wit and is always one for a sarcastic comment.

Ronnie is another member of staff. A former scientist he concocted a formula that allows him to become invisible at will. He's a bit of a jack the lad, likes the ladies, a drink and smokes far too many cigarettes.

Flug is an eight feet tall reanimate being who suffers the indignity of having a bolt through his forehead. He is incredibly stupid and doesn't understand much at all although he is immensely loyal. He is addicted to sweets of all kinds and it is he who provides Ollie with his blood to drink, though no one knows where he gets it from.

Professor Crumble lives in a laboratory in the bowels of Ollie's office building. He is stark raving mad and always coming up with completely useless inventions, although from time to time he can come up with something handy.

Mrs Strudel runs a cafe that caters to all of the varying creatures that populate the town. There is nothing she can't cook in her vast kitchen. Her menus are huge and she is happy as long as she is preparing food, whether it be a large slice of cake for Constable Gullett or something rather more flesh based for a ghoul.

Constable Gullett doesn't need to work hard at maintaining law and order as Skullenia tends to take care of itself but he is a reassuring presence nonetheless. He spends a lot of time at Mrs. Strudel's cafe.

Mrs. Ladle is the Skullenia resident witch. A kindly, chain smoking soul she is very friendly with Ollie and his team and quite often helps them out on their adventures. She fancies herself as something of a pastry chef but all of her dishes are complete disasters, sometimes causing chaos around town.

Dr. Henry Jekyll is in business with a retired assassin, an Indian chap called Mandeep Singh. They have become bounty hunters and have named their company Hyde and Sikh.

The local pub is called The Bolt and Jugular and many of the town residents drink here. Due to the nature of where it is located it has had quite a few landlords. Currently it is run by Bradawl.

All of this is presided over by the local vampire lord, Count Jocular who lives in a vast castle outside the town. He's a seven feet tall, suave and well-spoken chap but he is a full blood vampire of vicious repute. Even though he is pleasant and friendly to the residents of the town (mostly) he goes out hunting every night.

His castle is populated by dozens of flunkies who help to run it smoothly but Jocular's chief helper is his butler/servant Egon, an ugly, misshapen dwarf who has two humps. They aren't on his body. They are fleshy lumps that he keeps as pets.
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Short promo film produced and released 2017.

Pilot script in progress.
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Based on the popular Tony Lewis novels and original characters
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