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Philip Mazzei: Pioneer of the New World
Philip Mazzei: Pioneer of the New World
Filippo ˜Philip" Mazzei was the first Ambassador of the MADE IN ITALY label bringing it to America. For most of his incredible life, to the world he is mostly unknown. It was the commitment, research and persistence of Author/Screenwriter, Professor Francesco Fulcini, who teaches Social Economic History at Verona University that culminated in the book and screenplay adaptation.

His passion regarding this story and theme is captured in his published Amazon book (currently only in Italian) and the synopsis below as truly the first motion picture ever produced about the incredible life of this INGENIOUS AND PATRIOTIC Tuscan man.

Check the biography about Philip Mazzei:

The classic story and screenplay from start to finish will give the viewer the feeling they are in an episode of modern times; despite taking place years before, which clearly demonstrates Philip Mazzei is a timeless character. He is a character any star should aspire to portray on-camera, one with strong ideals, outlined from his early youth through the dramatic phases and most important parts of his life, which are:

His business affairs in London, which led him to importing the first Italian products into the Thirteen Colonies

Meeting and befriending Ben Franklin with Thomas Jefferson and instrumental in shaping the Declaration of Independence

His journey to the Colonies in Virginia bringing Italian culture, products to the country, yet sympathetic to their cause against the British

His support for the Colonies by actually fighting against the REDCOATS (British empire) during the American revolution.

The movie ends, as it begins, at the Statue of Liberty coming through the intake at what is known today as Ellis Island, a place so many Immigrants and most likely many of your own relatives from Europe and other countries passed through for one reason: TO ACHIEVE FREEDOM AND THE AMERICAN DREAM.
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Short film produced and released in 2016.

Revising script for packaging in 2019.
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Producer Mario Domina was so impressed at being able to tell an important part of Italian Culture that strongly tied to America first as a story. With the foundation of the Authors/Screenwriters, Francesco Fulcini and Giovanni Colognese, the brilliant Production Design of Davide De Stefano, with Massimo De Stafano serving as Art Director was solid. At this point, ThunderBall added a brilliant music score from Composer, Aaron Latina and produced a recut of an old trailer for the project.
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