SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, July 23, 2021 – THUNDERBALL FILMS executes Letter of Intent Agreement with FINETUNE MUSIC, a premium Music Production Library and Custom Music Studio.

ThunderBall Films is pleased to announce the execution of a Letter of Intent Agreement for a Music Licensing partnership with FINETUNE MUSIC (LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA).  Under the terms of the Agreement, ThunderBall Films will have full access to the complete library of high-quality original music selections of FineTune Music to incorporate into trailers, press releases, business plans, demo reels, film & TV projects under ThunderBall control, whereby once set up for distribution, the appropriate licensing Agreement between ThunderBall Films and FineTune Music will be executed between the parties.

Chairman-CEO, Mario Domina states “I am pleased to be partnered and associated with the incredibly talented and professional team of Brad Segal, Owner and Kyle Graski, Music Library Director of FineTune Music. Working together with this award-winning music team will help bring our ThunderBall projects to life musically.”

About FineTune Music – For over 25 years, FineTune Music’s founder Brad Segal has played a pivotal role in sonically amplifying creative content on a global scale.  Having worked on thousands of TV series, movies, and trailers, FineTune is confident about understanding the expectations of clients and going above and beyond with all types of projects. Scoring for major broadcast networks including ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, The CW, Bravo, MTV, USA, E!, NATGEO, Discovery, TLC, FineTune always crafts a unique musically identity for each of its clients.

FineTune Music uses the most current technology providing custom scoring, music editing and production. Working with professional and talented composers and music editors, their skills, knowledge, and insight gives FineTune Music the certainty to provide credible and suitable music for all types of projects. FineTune’s music library consists of over 10,000 exclusive tracks, with an award-winning custom music division working under the leadership of ASCAP award-winner Brad Segal himself.

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